We should be committed to two things. One no one should have any defects by way of any accident or occupational dieses. Two we should have optimum use of energy.

- Shri M. M. Shah (Ex. Jt. Director - DISH)

Mr. PN Trivedi is inspiring personality & catalyst for us to think for safety more and more Integrated safety management is need of the present time. Safety digest is an encyclopedia.

- Shri Y. I. Dave (Ex. Vice Presi. - RIL)

M/s T&A is having excelled team of specialist in various fields recognized by DISH.

- Shri D. C. Chaudhary (Director - DISH)

They are not professional. They are contributing in knowledge sharing to customers as well as to others. I also refer their electrical reference book.

- Shri P. N. Gandhi (Chief Elect. Insp. GOG)

Whatever help is required for such seminar we will extend.Mandatory energy audit has not given desired energy savings.

- Bhaskar Raval (Former Chief Elect. Insp. GOG)

Honesty is the best policy and Shri PN Trivedi has followed it. He is transferring assimilated knowledge to the society in form of book.

- Dr. Anil Kane (Former VC - MSU, Baroda & Presi. WWEA)

Static Electricity is hidden cause of no. of fire incidents.

- Shri V. N. Trivedi (Senior Technocrat)