A Complete Guide to Skill Trade Validation

Business and trade practices need constant upskilling and technological interventions. This consistent change of pace is necessary to ensure smooth growth and an adaptable approach for every company. Now, Gujarat contributes a significant amount to our country’s economy due to many policies that are business-friendly. In today’s blog, we will understand how skill trade validation can be a saviour of your company in this competitive market.

So, let us begin.

What is Skill Trade Validation?

In a manufacturing firm, the changing industrial trends and safety needs of your employees are a priority. So, with the help of trade validation, you take a step towards ensuring safety, training and upskilling. Skill trade validation helps you understand the company’s productivity and employee assessments. Trivedi and Associates have an institute –TIST (Trivedi Institute of Skill Development and Training) dedicated to providing this type of discreet and upskilling trade validation program.

Benefits of Skill Trade Validation

A skill trade validation company can always lead the way toward the top. We will tell you how. There are many benefits of the trade validation process. We will shed some light on a few here today, to make you understand the significance of skill trade training services.

  • Assessing the Workforce: Every company hires talent on the basis of their qualifications and background checks. But what most companies forget, is to assess the same talent in periodic intervals. You might be wondering; how can that help? Well, to begin with, as apps and software need an update regularly, so do employees. The assessment helps enhance the productivity of the workers and at the same time can help the management understand the company’s position in the competitive industry.
  • Upskilling: Upskilling is something that is trending and has technological advancement. If your industry doesn’t do upskilling, then now is the time. Trivedi and Associates Tecknical Services Ltd. provide the best skill trade validation in Vadodara and many other parts of Gujarat. We conduct skill evaluation tests and strict background checks to validate the information provided. And upskilling takes place in the next step. Upskilling helps in growing towards a better process and easier operations for manufacturing companies.
  • Safety Training for Mitigated Risks and Accidents: No company wants accidents. Everyone values human life and ensure the safety of every employee in the operations; safety training is vital. With the help of varied skill trade training services and safety protocols, you can take a seat back and stay confident about lower risks in the future. After all, companies need to step up to make a safe work environment for their workforce. That is one of the basic needs of every employee.
  • Certifications: The companies who go through the skill trade validation process, get certified for its program. Trivedi and Associates provide auditable real-time feeds, automated protection and updated certificate to the employees. This helps in all the processes of your company. Moreover, it enhances your credibility as a company which leaves no stone unturned to keep its employees upskilled and safe.
Types of Skill Trade Validation

Now, that we covered the significance of the skill trade validation process, let us understand the varied types of validation programs.

  1. Imparting the knowledge of the latest industry trends
  2. Hand on work program specifically focusing on growing the logical functions of the brain
  3. Safety training and protocols
  4. Technological training helps maneuver the latest equipment with ease and confidence.
  5. Skill development programs
  6. Training for back-office work and filing systems.
Train, Inspire and Lead

The team is built with constant connections and activities that involve the employees. Trivedi and Associates Tecknical Services Ltd. have expertise in providing the best skill assessments to over 35,000 people today. So, what are you waiting for, contact us to know more!