Checklist For Good Compliance In Manufacturing

Most important, the Factories Act, 1948 was passed for strengthening the position of workers working in factories across India. Moreover, this act applies to all the factories with 10 workers or more, that are in the manufacturing process performed with the help of twenty or more workers employed.

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What Is A Factory?

Firstly, the section 2 (m) of the Factories Act, 1948 states ‘factory’ as a premise:

  1. Where ten or more workers are working in any part of the manufacturing process being performed with the help of power or are ordinarily so carried on.
  2. Where twenty or more workers are working on any day of the preceding twelve months in any part of the manufacturing process being carried on with the help of power, or ordinarily so, but doesn’t include:
  • Mines that are subject to the operation of Mines Act, of 1952,
  • Then a mobile unit belonging to the armed forces of the Union,
  • Additionally, railway running shed or hotel, restaurant or eating place.
Compliance Checklist Under the Factories Act:

Sections 6 and 7

Generally, the occupier of the factory needs prior permission in writing from the State Government of the Chief Inspector for the site on which the factory is located.

To get a license, the occupier should send the notice under section 7 of the act to the Chief Inspector at least 15 days prior they start using the premise as a factory. Also, the notice should include:

  • Name and address of the occupier
  • Name and address of the factory
  • Name and owner of the premise
  • Address for communication
  • Nature of the manufacturing process
  • Name of the manager of the factory
  • Number of workers to be employed
Health Provisions
  • Cleanliness- Every factory should be clean with no accumulation of dirt.
  • Disposal of wastes- The factory should have proper arrangements for waste treatment.
  • Ventilation- The factory premise should have sufficient ventilation. The walls and roof should keep the temperature in the factory reasonable and comfortable.
  • Overcrowding – No room in the factory should be overcrowded to an extent that it affects the health of the workers.
  •  Lighting – The working area should be well-lit both naturally and artificially.
  • Drinking water- There should be a sufficient water supply for drinking in the factory.
  • Washrooms- The factory should have bathrooms that are easily accessible to the workers.
Safety Provisions
  • Every machinery should be fenced securely
  • Additionally, only a fully trained person should be allowed to work on dangerous machines
  • The machines should be maintained well to prevent any hazards
  • No worker should be made to carry a load that can injure him
  • Measures should be taken to protect the staff against gases, dangerous fumes, particles, etc.
  • The factory should take precautions for preventing the outbreak of fire and its spread
  • The factory building should be maintained well.
Welfare Provisions
  • Facility for sitting and relaxing
  • First-aid appliances
  • Canteen
  • Restrooms and lunch rooms
  • Creches
  • Welfare officers
Working Hours
  • Adult workers should work in a factory for not more than 48 hours.
  • No worker should be made to work for 10 consecutive days without a holiday.
  • If the workers are deprived of any weekly holidays, they should be compensated with a leave-in that month or within two months.
  • No worker should be made to work for more than 9 hours a day.
  • Workers should get extra wages for overtime.

Firstly, these are some of the mandates for the compliance in manufacturing industry. Then, working with compliance and safety services can help a business in keeping up with the regulations and prevent any risks.

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