Guide to NABL Labs and their Significance

NABL Lab: One of the key essentials in the medicine and healthcare department is the improvement of quality management for ensuring the safety of patients. Accreditation is a great way of ensuring the competence of the laboratory. It is a tool to recognize the laboratories across the globe and leads to maintenance as well as improvement in the quality. Ultimately, it leads to high standards of services for the clients.

Accreditation and certification is a procedure where a third party offers assurance that a process, product, or service conforms to the particular needs. Every country has several certification bodies and NABL Lab near me is one of the major accreditation agencies in India.

What is NABL?

Firstly, NABL stands for National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Furthermore, it is an autonomous body under the department of Science & Technology, Governemnt of India. Finally, the aim of NABL is to offer accreditation to testing and calibration of clinical labs in India. Also, it offers third party assessment of technical competence and quality of the labs. NABL accreditation matters to several medical labs, testing centers, and healthcare facilities.

What is Accreditation and why it is required?

As mentioned above, accreditation is an attestation done by a third party to assess if the lab or center is competent enough to carry out the specific conformity assessment task. The labs and healthcare facilities are expected to operate keeping pace with internationally acceptable level of competence.

Basically, laboratory accreditation is a procedure where an authoritative body offers formal recognition of the technical competence for particular measurements/ tests, depending on the third party assessment and international standards.

One of the pertinent questions is why is accreditation required. It offers formal recognition of the competence of any lab. It acts as a ready means for the clients to find a reliable testing/ healthcare center for meeting their medical needs. Society must be aware about the competent laboratory in fields such as Food testing, Medical, Forensics, and more.

The accredited labs need to demonstrate international level of competence due to globalization on Indian economy and liberalization policies initiated by the government. T&ATSPL is one of the best NABL accredited lab in Vadodara.

Significance of NABL Accreditation

When you find an accredited lab, you can rest assured about the quality and their conformity with the regulatory standards. Here’s a look at the benefits of formal recognition of competence by NABL:

  • NABL accreditation offers international recognition.
  • It offers access to global market.
  • Accreditation offers better operational control and continual improvement.
  • It helps in reducing costs and preventing loss because of defects.
  • Accreditation improves the customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • It offers the assurance of reliable and accurate results.
  • It leads to increase in business due to customer confidence.
  • Customers can search NABL accredited lab near me from the NABL website.

Accreditation is mandatory in some countries and it will be made mandatory in the future. It has been observed that accredited labs have better reimbursement with health insurance companies. Accreditation is a stimulant to keep the quality system alive.

How is NABL Accreditation different from ISO 9000 Certification?

The ISO 9000 certification is for quality system management only while NABL accreditation offers formal recognition of the technical competence. It is a ready means for the customers to find reliable testing services. It is a higher level activity than system certification.

ISO 9000 certification will offer confidence about the laboratory’s quality system but won’t tell anything about the technical competence. Proper technical evaluation needs technical experts. NABL accreditation offers both quality management and technical competence. It is the most appropriate process as compared to the other certifications.

NABL accreditation is not a one-time phenomenon and it is valid for 2 years. You need to apply for accreditation renewal to NABL 6 months before the expiry date of the validity. T&ATSPL has the state-of-the-art NABl accredited lab for calibration needs. Contact us today!

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