Leadership Team

The owner promoter of Trivedi Group of companies is affectionately called as “Sh. PNT sir”.

A self-made entrepreneur who had dared to dream big, had traversed a long professionaljourney of 51 years with single-minded focus and created two successful industrial engineering companies (Trivedi & Associates Tecknical Services P. Ltd & Pratibha Engineering Services) from concept to employing well over 200+ engineers, technicians, managers and general managers over a period of 30 years of business existence.

We take pride in servicing some of the world’s finest industrial houses of India.

The core values of the company is drawn from the philosophy of Gandhiji which our Founder-Promoter values to the fullest. “Be the change you want to see in the world” famously the Father of Nation said. Our Founder-Promoter believes in this saying in letter and spirit.

Now the Trivedi Group of Companies is being run by second generation technocrats headed by Sh. Hasit P. Trivedi and Smt. Hetal H. Trivedi along with the core team members of the Group Companies. Many of the company’s employees have put in over 20+ years of dedicated service to the efforts of Sh. PNT Sir.

Sh. PNT Sir is now concentrating on addressing the societal goals of skilling requirements of industries. The progress of the country will depend on the ability of each & every member of society who is able to productively take care of the family & the society that he lives in.

With the philanthropic vision of Sh. PNT Sir, the Trivedi & Associates Tecknical Services Pvt. Ltd. aims to achieve the above mentioned goal