Services as per factories act,1948 under Gujarat Factory rules,1963

*Form-9, Inspection and Certification of lift/ hoist under section 28/rule58
*Annex-20, Government Authorised Lift Inspections per the Gujarat Lifts and Escalators Rule, 2001
*Form-10, Inspection and Certification of lifting machine and lifting tools tackles under section 29/ rule 60
*Form-11, Inspection and Certification of pressure vessels and plant under section 31/rule 61
*Hydro test of Pressure Vessel
*Sec-21, Inspection and certification of Dangerous m/c
*Sec-41, Inspection and certification of Oven, Dryers, Thermic fluid heater
*Sec-87, Form-26A, Inspection and certification of Dust & Fume Ventilation system
*In house as well as at site trainings (as per section 111A)

As per Gujarat Factory Act & Rules

Servicing and minor repair, Testing & Certification of all types of Safety Valves
This is an Inspection point under Gujarat Factories Act Section 31, Rule 61, Sr. No. 11(B) of Form 11.

Pressure Gauge Calibration (up to 600 kg/cm2).This is an Inspection point under Gujarat Factories Act Section 31, Rule 61, Sr. No. 11(A) of Form 11.
Minor Repair, Testing & Certification of Chain Pulley Block  , Hook Chuk, Ratchet Puller, Mono Rail Trolley & Hoists (Wire Rope and Chain) up to 30 MT capacity
Inspection and testing of All lifting Tackles like D’ and Bow  Shackles, All types of Slings (Wire Ropes, Belts & Synthetic Slings) and Plate Lifting Clamps (up to  30 MT capacity).

Chartered Engineer Certificate for Items i) & ii) (Part of Form 11) and Competent Person Test Certificates (Form 10) under Section 29, Rule 58 of Gujarat Factories Act for Items iii) & iv)   are  issued by us.

M/s T&A is having excelled team of specialist in various fields recognized by DISH.

Shri D. C. Chaudhary