Services as per  PESO under SMPV(U) ,2016 Rules

M/s T&A is having excelled team of specialist in various fields recognized by DISH.

Shri D. C. Chaudhary
* Pressure Safety valve Testing / Calibration (for Form-11 & Rule 18)
*Overhauling/repairing/servicing of Pressure safety valve (for Form-11 & Rule 18)
*Calibration & Service of PVRV / Breather Valve
*Rule-18 SMPV(U) Rules, 2016 , Testing, and Certification of Safety Valves
*Calibration & Service of Excess Flow Valve (Rule 18)
*Rule 19 of SMPV(U) Rules, 2016 , Periodical NDT Testing and Hydro Testing, Certification of Pressure Vessels and Bullets
*Hydro test of Sphere & Bullet (Rule-19A)
*Rule 33 of SMPV(U) Rules, 2016 , Certification of Safety for Storage of Installation of Liquefied / Compressed Gases Vessels other than spheres issued under
*Rule 126 PESO, Inspection of Petroleum Storage Tank and issuing of Testing Certificate
*Rule 130 PESO, Inspection of Hazardous Storage Installation & issuing of Safety Certificate

A. As per Petroleum Rules

Repair, Testing & Certification of Breather Valves (Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves). We can calibrate PVRVs /Breather Valves of different sizes (upto maximum 12”)
B. As Per SMPV(U) Rule 18

Repair, Testing & Certification of Safety Valves.
Testing & Calibration of Excess Flow Valves

This is a unique testing facility not available elsewhere in the state. However, this is a must for maintaining safety as well as meeting the stipulation of SMPV (U) Rule 18. We offer Calibration / testing of various sizes of EFVs viz. 1”, 1.5”, 2” and 3”.