Unique  Service  Centre

M/s T&A is having excelled team of specialist in various fields recognized by DISH.

Shri D. C. Chaudhary
*Overhauling/repairing/servicing of Lifting M/c
*Load Testing of LT&T, Lifting M/c (up to 150 MT)
*Supply of spares for CPB
*Supply of load cell on Hiring basis
*Supply of Dead Weights for testing on Hiring basis
*Minor Maintenance & service of HOT / EOT

With a technical experience of more than 1000 + man years, we had started unique set up at Nanafofadiya and at Jamnagar that is ready to give actual load testing facility upto 150 Tonnes.

 It is an unique concept of our company that on and above third party inspection as per Factories act, we have extended our support for actual load test, repair and maintenance with very competitive price and with transportation facility with nominal charge.

Specialised Testing Facilities Available at our Service Centre

We have unique facility for actual Load Testing of various Lifting Tackles.

Both Horizontal Test Bench with length of capacity with 6 mtrs. / 12 mtrs. / 18 mtrs. length at Nanafofadiya and 12 meter Meghpar, Jamnagar and Vertical Test Bench with height of 6 Meters are available . In both the Benches, Load Cell with Digital Indicator is used.

Note: Any Lifting Tool that can be transported to our Centre/Workshop can be tested and certified by us.