Statutory Compliance: Mitigating Legal Issues

Statutory compliance providers: In today’s cut-throat competitive business scenario, it is essential for any corporate business to comply with the relevant policies and procedures to stay away from compliance risk. Non- compliance can not only lead to fines or penalties but also reputation damage in the long run. Compliance is the result of adhering to Government policies and rules.

Compliance risk comes with financial and legal consequences which a business attracts when they fail to act according to the specific established regulations needed for operating a business. Statutory compliance is a must for every big and small business in India. Failing to adhere to regulatory needs can lead to strict legal and financial consequences. There are corporates that take help from compliance services in Gujarat for mitigating the risk factors.

For example, a business needs to comply with the Gujarat factory act 1948 which is a social legislation enacted for occupational safety, health and welfare of the workers at the workplace. Hiring professionals for compliance services can help with compliance and keeping the penalties and legal risks away!

Tips to Mitigate Legal Issues

Identify the Risk Factors

The level of risk involved decides the actual intensity of the compliance risk and the need for a compliance risk management program. The risk assessment consists of calculating the inherent as well as residual risk. While inherent risk refers to the risk present before the controls are applied, residual risk is the risk post-application of the controls. Professional compliance service provider can assess the risks involved for a specific business.

Risk management consists of identifying the risk factors and managing non- compliance threats which can lead to unpleasant scenarios. Complying with the labor laws in fundamental duty of any business established in India.

Role of Technology

In the modern business, combining business with best regulatory practices can make the compliance process easy and attractive. Make sure you use the tools that help in extracting data from system and inform you about what is required for compliance and what is deviating you from complying.

Sound Statutory Compliance Strategy

Having a sound compliance strategy consists of successfully anticipating the risks your business is susceptible to and creating a solid compliance program for mitigating the same. A professional and experienced compliance service team like us can help in creating a sound strategy for regulatory compliance. Once the strategy is in place, compliance becomes easier.

Improved Collaboration

There should be a comprehensive collaboration in the entire organization between different departments as well as senior managers and the risk management teams. It can be helpful to have an automated workflow in place for dealing with the entire compliance process. The workflow can be designed jointly by the compliance management service and the in-house development teams. It is an effective way of dealing with crucial components of compliance like labor law compliance.

Training Plays a Crucial Role

Firstly, for better management of compliance risks, it is important to have well-defined processes along with well-documented policies, guidelines, and procedures. Secondly, the business must communicate its expectations and values in the right manner. Right training everyone in the organization is aware of what they need to adhere to as well as the related laws, policies, and regulations. Finally, they must be made aware of the consequences of non-compliance.

It is important to have periodic checks to make sure that employees follow the rules. Contact the best compliance service provider near me. Over the time, compliance culture will establish and show its effects in totality. To comply with the Form 11 factory act and other regulations, it is important to use the right tools, develop a strategy, and seek help from compliance services from Trivedi and Associates tecknical Services (P.) Ltd. Adherence should come from within and not out of fear of the consequences.

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