Why Should You Adhere To Compliance Regulations

We are witnessing an increase in industrial activity with the introduction of modernization. During and after the last decade of the 19th century, there has been an increase in the factories across the globe in the developed and developing countries. Furthermore, employee safety and statutory compliance have become significant in the factories.

What Is the Need for Shop and Establishment Compliance?

Initially, with several processes being performed in the industries, governments across the globe have identified the need for stringent measures in place. Furthermore, it helps in ensuring the welfare and safety of the workers. Additionally, it gave rise to the need for formulating policies and principles which are legally essential in the workspace and factories.

One such regulation is the Gujarat Factory Act 1948. It is a legal necessity which was passed with an aim of strengthening the position of the workforce in any factory. Moreover, with the increase in factories and evolution of the production technology all over the world, it has become important for the government and employers to ensure the safety of the employees. Also, in India, the Factory act 1948 is a major regulatory act related to labour which enforces the shop and establishment compliance. Thus, it ensures a healthy and safe working environment for the employees.

Objectives of the Factories Act, 1948

The major focus of the Gujarat Factory act 1948 is on the regulation of health conditions, working condition, leave eligibility, and safety of the workers. Also, the act covers many special provisions related to young persons, factory employees, and women. The major objectives which focus on the welfare and employee safety via statutory compliance are as follows:

Workplace Safety

The act demands to ensuring the employee’s safety via appropriate fencing of the machinery. Young individuals are not allowed to work in confined locations and dangerous machinery. There should be maintenance holes with proper size which offer enough space for workers to escape during an emergency.

Employees’ Welfare

For ensuring the convenience of the employees, the act needs the factories to offer suitable and proper facilities for drying, washing and storing clothes along with maintenance of these provisions. First-aid kits, space for resting, lunch rooms, restrooms, and crèches are also mandatory.

Working Hours

Adult employees should not work for more than 48 hours every week. These provisions are different for young workers. A weekly off is mandatory for adult employees and the shop and the establishment needs should be met by the employers.

Shop and Establishment Compliance

Cleaning and resting spaces are a must to take care of the wellness of the workers. Sufficient lighting, proper ventilation, and hygienic drainage are also a few provisions required by the act. Drinking water and bathrooms should be easily accessible and arranged for the workers. These facilities should be maintained in a clean condition to meet emotional and physical wellness needs of the workers.

Penalties for Failure to Meet Statutory Compliance

Failing to meet any of the above provisions of the act is considered a violation of the factories act. It can draw the following penalties:

  • Imprisonment for up to one year
  • Monetary fines up to one lakh
  • A combination of both

The factories act 1948 is enforced for protecting the interest of the workforce. It makes sure that the basic hygiene and welfare needs of the employees are being met. The act ensures that statutory compliance is met and the company doesn’t end up in trouble.

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